Old Crowns


Silver Crown of Silla

silver crown of silla

This Korean 5th century crown was excavated from a burial mound which is apparently a common thing down Korea way.

It represents angelic wings and is adorned with what look like those little brass tokens you used to get in seafront arcades in the 1980's.

Crown of St Wenceslas

good king st wenceslas

I bet you didn't know 'Wenners' was rocking this bad boy upon the feast of Stephen did you?

Forming a part of the Bohemian crown jewels, it contains a total of 19 sapphires, 44 spinels, 1 ruby, 30 emerald and 20 pearls set in an unspecified high carat of gold.

Pahlavi Crown

pahlavi crown

The Pahlavi dynasty was the ruling family in Iran from 1925 to 1979 and their crown was commissioned and used during the 1926 coronation of Reza Shah.

It comprises of gold and silver, set with a staggering 3,380 diamonds, totaling 1,144 carats, the largest of these is a 60 carat yellow brilliant! It's finished off with 369 perfectly matched white pearls and 200 carats of emeralds!

Steel Crown of Romania

steel crown of romania

Steel? Really? That sounds underwhelming next to all this other fabulous opulence ...that is until you read the backstory.

This crown was made for King Carol I from the reforged steel of a captured Ottoman cannon that was seized during the Romanian War of Independence in 1878 ...starring Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal

Crown of Eric XIV

crown of eric xiv

Made in Stockholm, Sweden in 1561 by the Flemish goldsmith Cornelius ver Weiden for the coronation of Eric XIV.

It is held in the Treasury under the Stockholm Palace along with the rest of the Swedish Royal Regalia.

This is the official crown of the King of Sweden and is still used in ceremonies to this day.

La Corona Real

la corona real

The official crown of Spain is lacking online details in English so I ran some Spanish through a translator and got:

"...decorated with eight finials shaped like celery leaves, interleaved with eight points lower gold, finished in pearls and as many gold diadems and loaded with pearls, topped with a cross orb located above."

So that's cleared that up.

Karadovdevic Crown

karadovdevic crown

This Serbian masterwork was made in 1904 for the coronation of King Peter I. It's the second crown on this list to be forged from the metal of a cannon, in this case bronze and from the First Serbian Uprising.

The gesture was symbolic as it was crafted on the 100th anniversary of that uprising ...which means they must have had that cannon knocking about for a century, y'know, just in case.

Crown of Rus

crown of rus

The coronation of Danylo Halytskiy in the Ukraine is put around the year 1253 and this was the crown used.

This crown is unique in this list as it has been 'lost'... or more accurately 'knicked', and the accused perpetrators include Poland, the Vatican, the United States of America, Moscow and the Greek Catholics.

St Edwards Crown

the crown jewels

This is one of the oldest pieces from the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and the centrepiece of the coronation regalia.

The crown is made from gold and set with 444 precious stones including amethysts, garnet, olivine, peridot, rubies, sapphires topazes, tourmalines and zircon.