Star Fleet

So you didn’t make the rugby team due to your chronic asthma but who cares when you’re a member of THE STARFLEET ACADEMY!

This ring will show those jocks just who they are messing with as you flash it at them and threaten to “beam them up”.

Best Guess:

Tungsten Carbide (it's right there!)

U.S.S. Enterprize

They weren’t impressed with your intergalactic bravado? Better make a quick getaway…

This Starship Enterprise ring will get you out of any high school wedgy situation at warp speed!

Best Guess:

Topaz & Diamond in Platinum


If there is a bright centre to society, then nerds are on the strata that it’s farthest from.

No need to feel lonely though, this trusty astromech companion will always be there to remind you you’re a winner… in-spite of the evidence.

Best Guess:

Sapphire, Ruby & Diamond in Platinum


Does your nerd status leave you emotionally encased in Carbonite? Are you in a state of perfectly preserved hybernation waiting for a Princess to rescue you?

Let the world know how you feel with this tribute to Hanibal Solo

Best Guess:

Carbonite (duh!)


Newcomer Poe Dameron would never let being in a nerd movie franchise hold him back, that guy is like cat-nip for chicks.

Invoke your inner Poe with this ring inspired by the view of the back of his custom X-Wing as it flies away with m'lady's hearts.

Best Guess:

Fire Opal & Diamond in Black Titanium


Dr Who? ...Dr Who Gives One, amiright? If you want to never ever be in a relationship with anyone then this ring is for you.

It looks like the tardis on top spins on it's axis for added anti-sex appeal.

Best Guess:

Sapphire & Diamond in Platinum

The One Ring

Lots of nerds, when engaged in a social situation that involves talking to someone, wish they could just disappear.

With this ring you'll never have to make eye contact again as you switch between Middle Earth and the ethereal realm at will. May contain ring wraiths.

Best Guess:

Plain Gold & Elven Magic

Elven Leaf

You know the score, you're out a-wooing m'lady when suddenly your cloak slips off your shoulder and lands in a heap on the floor ruining the mystique you have woven.

You need to get yourself to Lothlórien mate, get one of them elven brooches. They'll clean that cloak slippery right up.

Best Guess:

Enamel in Plain Silver & Elven Magic

Ring of Barahir

Not sure about this, we're venturing into Silmarillion territory for the backstory here and that is a location only the truely commited to celebacy should encroach.

Aragorn is a bit of a ponce when it comes to emotions and whatnot so this will fit your nerd like a mithril glove ...gauntlet?

Best Guess:

Tsavorite in Silver & Girly Emotions

Installation 04

When the chinese burns and wet willys gets too much, some nerds mentally escape to a fantasy realm where they are 8ft armour plated killing machines mowing down their bullies with gay abandon.

On returning to reality, they might like this reminder of the intergalactic war they wage in their minds.

Best Guess:


The Tri Force

What's better than winning the heart of a Japanese fantasy Princess? Easy, imagining yourself as the androgynous elf-like man-child who rescues said Princess.

Better slap a ring on Zelda's finger quick, before she realises you're a nerd! This his and hers matching set will do the trick.

Best Guess:

Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald in Gold


As videogames become more main stream and acceptable, many timid nerds find themselves withdrawing deeper into game nerdism, wherein lie the JRPG's.

Display you affiliation with effeminate men, sassy women and nonsensical plots with this Final Fantasy ring.

Best Guess:

White Gold with Yellow Gold Overlay


Harry Potter... God, I hate that pap. Public Schoolboy garbage filling decent working class kids head's with nonsense about upper class schooling and dragons and stuff... probably?

Never read it, never will either but he seems massively popular with nerds so here's a ring to buy your little wizard.

Best Guess:

Gold & The Tears of The Proletariat


Even on the lowest rung of the social ladder there is a hierarchy with the very bottom spot reserved for anime nerds…

If you’re one of these and you're not currently drowning in your own tears, maybe you’d like this Pokémon ring for when you never, ever get engaged.

Best Guess:

Ruby, Black & White Diamonds in Gold

Pokéballs 2

What's that? You did get engaged, inspite of the many, many obsticles in your way? You'll be needing a Pokéring then so no other master trainer tries to tame your Jigglypuff from under you.

This is just the ticket and please, please can I meet her, I've got to know...

Best Guess:

Ruby & Diamond in Platinum

Ryan Reynolds

The Green Lantern, as far as superheroes go, has all the appeal of an exploritory camera... but at least the dude actually has a ring!

If you're one of the 1% (Lantern fans) of the 1% (comic fans) of the 1% (nerds) then this must be like a really boring dream come true.

Best Guess:

Nobody cares, Green Lantern is crap.

Tony Stark

If you're gonna invoke a favourite comic book character then why not choose super edgy alchoholic Tony Stark.

He was adequately portrayed by Robert Downey Jr and everybody says you look just like him if he was spotty faced, socially crippled and about 15 stone heavier.

Best Guess:

J.A.R.V.I.S.'s metled curcuitry.


Ah, Superman, the PG-13 of superheroes and about as interesting as a Sunday school outing but I reckon his stock has risen after that latest blockbuster movie from Zack Snyder…

…what’s that, universally panned by fans and critics alike and set the movie industry back 50 years you say?

Best Guess:

The ashes of Zack Snyder's career.