Landscape Agate


Agate starts it’s life as siliceous matter deposited within volcanic rocks. It forms in layers which can be different colours and this can result in amazing displays of banding and unusual patterns.

Diamond are pretty much void of anything interesting and the more expensive they get, the more boring they become… in my opinion.

Here are some completely natural, untreated examples of what must be the worlds most exciting gemstone. Human pattern recognition bias is an amazing thing.

Sea Cave

The view from a sea cave as a shipwrecked Jack Sparrow watches The Black Pearl crest the horizon and disappears from view, like Johnny Depps post 2011 career.

Swiss Chalet Window

The view from a cosy Swiss chalet James Bond is holed up in with a smoking hot blonde double-agent as they’re thinking how to pass the time after getting avalanche’d in.

Navada Desert

That terrible Nevada desert scene from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. If you squint you can almost see the fridge… squint even harder and the it’s like the film never existed.

Camp Crystal Lake

Early morning reflections of the trees in the still water at Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees WILL have his revenge… duh duh duh duh, bah bah bah bah!

Santa Poco

Sunrise on the outskirts of Santa Poco, Mexico where a 5ft, 30st Mexican on a tiny donkey is rushing to tell El Guapo that Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander have just mosey’d on into town.

1960's Oklahoma

The surreal Van Goghian sunset enjoyed by Ponyboy, Johnny, Cherry Valance and the rest of the greasers and socs as they fight to ‘stay gold’ in 1960’s Oklahoma.


View across the Shire from the upper rooms of The Prancing Pony towards Hobbiton… okay nerds, calm down, I know you wouldn’t be able to see that far from Bree, GOD!

Mars Surface

The surface of Mars as seen by construction worker Doug Quaid, his eyes plopping out on stalks, just after ‘opening his mind’ and starting the reactor.

Vietnam Jungle

A still from unused footage of Coppola’s seminal work, Apocalypse Now… specifically a sweeping shot of the steaming Vietnamese jungle.