Joji Kojima


If I may introduce you to the works of California based Japanese ‘expressionist jeweller’ (?) and LSD test pilot Joji Kojima.

Comforably seated somewhere between the aesthetic style of genius director Tarsem Singh and a tripple cheese pizza inspired nightmare his “jewellery” is nothing if not breathtakingly pointless.

Despite formal training at the prestigeous Tokyo Tama Art University, Kojima presses on in a direction with no clear path or practical application to the bemusement of people who actually exist within the restrictive confines of reality.

Y’know how it is, you’ve been invited to the Rhino & Housefly’s Ball and you have absolutely nothing to wear! Well, panic no longer, Joji has got you covered.

It appears the patient was trying to scratch his nose but accidentally punctured his ocular anterior chamber and gave himself a full frontal labotomy.

Skin eh? …what a pain. Wouldn’t life be better if we could just wear our skeleton on the outside?

Also, do you remember that time Geordi La Forge sat too close to the radiator? Joji Kojima remembers.

Fly 3: This time Jeff Goldblum get’s into the teleportation pod with a fly AND Jack White!

…and why is that other guy naked? Is that a prerequisite for wearing the pendant? Sign me up.

Practicality, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave, you’re upsetting my skull/ring arrangement.

In other news, Joji redefines ‘finger bang’ with that sniper scope, second knuckle thing.

…oh man, why would you gimp up a rabbit? It’s just not right.

PETA, if you’re reading this the guy lives in California somewhere. I reckon he’s got a basement filled with cats in rubber french maids costumes and goats in ballgags.

That other thing… whatever, I’m still reeling from the gimp rabbit.

I see stuff like this all the time… well, not the gimp rabbit… shock, (f)art design for the sake of it but I want to know if anyone actually buys or wears this bobbins?

What’s the most extreme/shocking/ridiculous/embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn in public? Send us a photo… I SWEAR WE WON’T POST IT!