Second hand cluster of real Garnets (Birthstone for January) in fully hallmarked 9ct gold mount.
53233: Gold Garnet Ring
Second hand fully hallmarked 9ct gold wishbone ring set with cubic zirconia diamond simulants.
53242: Gold CZ Ring
Second hand fullt hallmarked 9ct gold wishbone ring set with genuine Sapphires and Diamonds.
53238: Gold Sapphire Ring
Second hand totally unrepeatable bargain!
52870: Gold Emerald Ring
Stunning ring with natural Fire Opal and Diamonds in 18ct gold mount.
53496: Gold Fire Opal Ring
Not for those of a hearding disposition!
53498: Gold Diamond Ring
Fabulous natural Citrine (Birthstone for Gemini/Jane) set with Diamonds in substantial gold mount. Top quality, genuinely made in England.
53494: Gold Citrine Ring
Oval faceted natural Amethyst with Diamonds in yellow and white gold mount.
53495: Gold Amethyst Ring
Stunning combination of vibrant natural Amethyst surround by brilliant cut Diamonds in white gold pendant mount on 18" long solid white gold chain.
52194: Gold Amethyst Pendant


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