3 Million Years Old!


Stunning character ring with a large specimen of intriguing natural Amber set in a heavy solid silver mount.

We always have lots of Amber in stock from rings and earrings to pendants and neck pieces.

Finger size: Q½

Ref: 41758


Do you have a witch problem? According to Eastern European folklore Amber is an excellent deterent if you're being troubled by witches and witchcraft due to it's intrinsic protective qualities.

Amber is infact fosillised tree sap, which is in-turn an organic immune system. It's function is to protect the tree if it is punctured or scratched by seeping into the 'wound' and creating a protective barrier... so maybe those headscarf wearing, wise women of old were onto something!


Part Exchange Available: We will make an offer for you unwanted jewellery as payment against this item without obligation.